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tv   11 News at 5AM  NBC  March 25, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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forecast with tony pann. another nice day. >> yes. clouds will pick up. tonight we will have some rain. but this time tomorrow morning, it probably will be reigning as well. all is clear right now. -- is probably will be raining as well. all is clear right now. rain should hold off until after 6:00. a high of 64 degrees. let's check the traffic. >> good morning, everyone. not much going on. no incidents were accidents to record. here are some speed sensors. we're up to speed on the major roadways.
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65 miles per hour on the west side. the j.f.x. is looking good. here are some live drive times. there is the outer loop of the beltway. on the topside is eight minutes. no delays at this time. here is a look outside. looking good on the inner and outer loop. no delays or problems to report. some pothole work on pennsylvania today from nine until 2:00. be aware of that. back over to you. >> dannell city department or
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agencies are spared the budget -- no city department or agencies are spared the budget ax. >> and there will be eliminating some jobs. jennifer franciotti is live with more details. >> the new budget was presented at the board estimates meeting. it called for more than 600 layoffs. it would come from within the police department. 91 to the fire department. seven firehouses would close under the new plan. the mayor says there is no money for fireworks at the inner harbor for the fourth of july and no money for the preakness parade. she says she does not like the new budget. she will present an alternate plan that will include what ways to raise revenue in the city. jack young has an idea. >> putting a tollbooth up at 83
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or at the baltimore county line where they can share revenues on anyone coming into the state of maryland. >> i am not sure we have the legal authority to do that. one of the things we can't do is have a parking tax and make sure -- one of the things we can do is have a parking tax and make sure we can get everything out of it. >> coming up, some other ideas being floated around to generate new revenue in the city. wbal-tv. >> there is an outcry from parents and children. some say cutting recreation centers would set the city up for more crime. 29 of the 55 would be closed under the new plan. taking away activities at the centers could be devastating. >> those children would be out
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on the corners causing trouble. >> the department will present their proposal to the mayor today. she is looking at revenue generators to help soften the blow in the police department. there is continuing coverage on our website cuts and other delays in the trial of the twin brothers accused of setting fire to a pit bull last year. they were supposed to stand trial yesterday. the father wanted the judge to determine his fate. they are waiting for his trial to conclude before going after the brothers. and dna has helped them save a case from years ago. a man faces charges of first- degree rape. a girl was walking home from a friend's house in 2003 when she was attacked. dna recently linked the man to
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the crime. he was taken to infestation wisconsin. >> the driver of a tractor- trailer that collided with a light rail train in cockeysville cost the crash when he drove into the train's path. the train operator remains hospitalized with serious injuries. the warning signal devices were properly working at the time of the crash. we will have a live update on how the damage is affecting your commute from the mta. >> the new health care reform lot is continuing to stir up lots of controversy. this time it is genu waiting death threats and acts of vandalism against supporters. -- generating death threats and acts of vandalism against supporters. >> democrats are being targeted because of their yes vote for president obama to reinforce the
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federal ban on abortion funding. he has a death threats and profanity-laced voicemail. vandalism as well. offices of two female democrats had windows shattered by bricks. the fbi and capitol police met with lawmakers. top democrats said they are getting some protection. >> over 10. >> the threats have been called reprehensible. they say that republicans are fuelling rage. >> they have condoned putin hitler mustaches on pictures of president obama. -- putin hitler mustaches on pictures of president o --
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putting hessler mustaches on pictures of president obama. -- hitler mustaches on pictures of president obama. >> democrats are trying to avoid a house vote. but that may occur. wbal tv 11 news. >> every marriage has its ups and downs. is there a way to predict a relationship will stand the test of time? research says the wife should be five years younger than her partner. both should come from the same cultural background. some psychologists do not agree. they believe love, chemistry, and french create a forever bond. >> there is no -- and a french shifriendship create a forever
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gone. >> there is no magic formula. >> the divorce rate in switzerland is 25% compared to 45% in the united states. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. what do you think is the formula for a happy marriage? email us your response to >> i am older than my husband, but i am smarter. just kidding. he would probably agree. >> we have an hour and 30 minutes to debate this topic. [laughter] >> is substitute teacher in california is charged for a public nuisance for acts he performed in his class. we will tell you what he did. >> imagine trying to get around in an idle airplanes. >> here is a live look at traffic. it looks okay right there.
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>> all looks good right now weather wise. some rain is expected this evening. 37 degrees in frederick. 41 degrees at the airport. the gloves are slowly picking up as the head through the day today. the precipitation until after 6:00. the high temperatures 64 degrees. we will check the seven-day forecast in a few moments. >> covering the nation, a california teacher accused of urinating in front of a math class is behind bars this morning. he pleaded not guilty to a charge of creating a public nuisance. the substitute teacher urinated in front of the class monday. he is being held and is ordered to stay away from schools.
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parents blame -- family blames the incident on a brain malfunction suffered during a previous car crash. >> a plane landed on the freeway. nobody was hurt. the damage was created from the landing. it was near los angeles. >> look at that back up. after a massive recall, experts are advising consumers to stop using a popular device that is meant to keep close to mom and dad. >> the u.s. postal service is trying to find ways to bring itself out of the red. details coming up. >> a very nice to meet this morning. a live look outside. a live look outside.
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bounty extra soft. look for new prints. >> it looks pretty good if you're heading out for work. >> no incidents or accidents. that is good news. an hour from now, it may be crazy. we will give you a look and some of the speech centers around the area. we are up to speed on the beltway. j.f.x. is also looking good. the other probe ways of looking
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good as well. 95 northbound pretty good. we are looking very good this morning. things of picking up but loveless to report. the white marsh area is looking fine. that is the latest on traffic. let's check the buses and trains. >> the light rail shuttle buses are going to all stockps north f pamonium. the 20 bus with a 10 minute delay. the 11 bus is diverting.
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the 21 buses also diverging at carolina in madison due to construction. now back to tony pann. >> the weather should be pretty quiet as you head for the day today. that may change tonight. rain is expected. thunderstorms in the ohio valley down near the gulf coast. it will take a while to get here. calls will pick up over the next hour or so. no problems for the thursday morning commute. of a moving on the satellite. that'll be the train tomorrow. 37 in frederick. 41 of the airport. like yesterday, after a chilly start, we should be around 64 degrees this afternoon.
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the will be a chance for rain developing this evening after 6:00. until then, it will be dry. a small craft advisory is in effect on the chesapeake bay. the water temperature is 50 degrees. rain showers will be likely overnight. temperatures around 40 degrees. during the day tomorrow, the heart of the storm will be coming through. the rain made the heavier friday morning. it will direction chilly air. we will struggle to get out of the 40's. s and pulled away, we will get sunshine in the afternoon, which will help out. a chilly day on friday. rain is likely in the morning. it should corruption the
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afternoon. we will keep the trend going into saturday. a high of 54 degrees. the clouds will pick up on sunday and a chance for rain in the evening. most of sunday will be ok. showers will stay with us monday and tuesday of next week. >> the consumer product safety commission is warning parents of young babies to stop using a baby slang's immediately. one has volunteered -- slings immediately after 14 infant deaths. the head can roll forward restricting their ability to breed. one company has recalled 1 million of them -- restricting their ability to brieathe.
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one company has recalled 1 million of them. skin-care sells a fell in 2009. the increase could be a leading indicated that the economy is back on track. >> a maryland company may be doing big business in india. we are taking a look of the business news in the bloomberg business report. i will not get you involved in the discussion about the marriage service. >> please do not. skin-care products, you have to have those. good morning. a new market here may be opening up for lockheed martin in india. the government there may allow a
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direct investment into their india defense sector. it may try to reserve the right to control production. it could lead to better technological expertise in india. stock futures are a little bit higher. all three indexes fell from their 18 month high. there are some warnings about european debt again. specifically in portugal. we have to worry about their debt problems as well. ben bernanke will testify at a house hearing on have the defense plans to roll back its stimulus efforts from the economy and the treasury getting ready to unload its stake in citigroup. it will be a step closer to exiting the top program.
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americans will not buy a toyota. about 40%, after those massive toyota recalls. reporting for wbal-tv. >> thanks. the u.s. postal service is one step closer to ending saturday mail delivery. it is asking for an opinion on the matter. the plan would limit mail delivery to weekdays only for homes and businesses. congress must approve however of that federal. >> we will get another look at your morning commute with traffic and weather together. >> big stars, big stakes, and they game that goes in overtime. sports is next. >> do not forget to e-mail us your answer to the watercooler question of the day. what do you think is the formula
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for a happy marriage? email us your response to
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>> some of the big stars of the hockey game and the best matchup in the nhl. it goes down to a shoot out. 4-3 is the final score. alex and sydney, seconds period. hanging by the net. the first score of the game 1-0 capitol. in the third period.
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scored at -- tied at 2. three minutes left in regulation. jordan for the penguins. tied at 3. that sent the game in overtime. this shot gets past the goalie as the capitals skated past the penguins. 4-3 is the final. the orioles taking on the st. louis cardinals yesterday. a single in the right field. 1-0 o's. a bit of trouble in the fourth. 2 runs into score. all tied at to a piece. the learning curve continues for brian maddox. philippe de lopez.
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4-2 calls not over the o's. they gave up nine hits and three runs to the orioles. i am gerry sandusky. hope your day is off to a fantastic start. >> some boxing legend could square off. riddick bowe is talking a possible september fight against cliniclennox lewis. and the fight may take place here. we are told that lewis has agreed in principle to the fight. if it takes place, the proceeds would go to benefit 9/11 survivors. riddick bowe is 43 and lennox lewis is 45. >> you could take both of them.
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>> no, i cannot. they are both very big man. >> coming up in the next hour. >> major budget cuts are proposed in baltimore city. we will give you a preview straight ahead. >> things are pretty quiet. simmering to the forecast. simmering to the forecast. we will talk aboutlk
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